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    The clients wished to create a pavilion-like poolhouse in the same architectural expression as their villa. The pavilion had to combine a sauna, roofed terrace and storage space. Beyond program and expression, the design task involved complementing this dark and ‘forgotten’ part of the garden’s design in the sharp corner of the plot.


    Based on the formal expression of the house, the pavilion was designed as an accurate ‘custom-made suit’ for its particular spot. A white box-like volume is cut to create the roofed surface, adjoining an existing terrace. Both terraces merge to become one large terrace. The space provided by the plot’s sharp corner is used to – within the maximum of 30 m2 of built area – provide an interior space for the sauna and storage. To create separate entrances for both, the white stucco volume is completed with a wooden façade that again meets the formal expression of the house. Careful and precise detailing was necessary to accentuate and strengthen the formal expression of the sharply-cut white box.



    02.2015   04.2016

    Ulvenhout  (NL)

    status: completed