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    A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier.


    - Mies van der Rohe



    The assignment of designing a chair, however, shows clear relationships with the architectonic one, as it includes functionality, scale, detail, material and form too. Starting point in the design for Curved is the bending of one single plane to a sit and back. Wood as a natural material – which already possesses a beautiful detailed structure by itself – is not easy to bend, though. Primary challenge in the design process was to find a way to unite both the material characteristics and the original form concept without abusing any of their individual qualities. The result is a smart way of constructing the chair, which includes three L-shaped parts that are being assembled. It delivers a subtle seam in the seat, which gets accentuated by the different directions of the wood texture coming together.



    09.2013   11.2013

    with Hutten B.V.

    status: completed