Art of the Plan

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    This house is to accommodate a fictitious family of ten diversely aged people, of which five run their own architectural practice. Inspired by the house and practice of British architect Sir John Soane (1753-1837), the house should embody an immersion into the architectural practice, while simultaneously providing collective and private spaces to live in. This inspiration crystallized into a spatial condition created by two-dimensional layers that are laid on top of each other.


    The first layer consists of the residential spaces that are organized in a grid-like composition. Collective and private spaces are separated on their own floors. Second, the space in between – in French: party – is used to provide supportive elements. Third, a composition of the three main office spaces interferes with the separate residential spaces, creating diagonal views and new relations; a sense of spatial richness. The final layer is an exterior wall that includes different patios to the house. The patios add a final set of relations between the different residential and office spaces.

    The volume gains a modest and sober appearance towards the exterior, which is contrasting with its complex and layered interior. The exterior expression is strengthened using masonry as a main material. At the courtyards, prefabricated hollow concrete blocks are turned sideways to create a semi-transparent relationship between exterior and interior.

    The Art of the Plan lies in the way the abstract and two dimensional principle of layering is translated into a third dimension with special attention to atmosphere and materiality, creating appropriate spatial sequences in a coherent ambience.




    09.2015   01.2016

    tutors: ir. W. Hilhorst and ir. R.R.W.I. Kindt

    status: design